Winter on Catalina 

Stayed warm at Isthmus Cove for five long nights with the new diesel heater. 

Gilligan had fun...

Engine battery went dead on the last day but managed to get the engine started with some help from the Harbor Patrol. Gotta love those guys! And gotta love these guys even more...

Six Nights...Four Moorings 

Another solo trip, but this time added some variety...

10-10-2010: Moored at Emerald Bay.

10-11-2010: Isthmus Cove for two nights

10-13-2010: Cherry Cove

10-14-2010: Back to the Isthmus for two nights

10-16-2010: Home to Marina Del Rey...and met some friends along the way.

Cat Harbor...Part Three 

Six nights solo in Cat Harbor. Not my favorite trip. A little too much peace and quiet...with the exception of the psycho neighbors!

Cat Harbor Redux 

Pleasant and injury-free week with Mom, capped off by fireworks on the 4th. Home on the 5th.

Cat Harbor...and Avalon Hospital 

Motor-sailed to Cat Harbor with Mom.

She took a tumble on 6/21 around 4 pm and was taken by the Coast Guard to Avalon for stitches. I sailed around the back side and got there right at sunset. Moored in Avalon for the next three nights.

The Coconut to Cat Harbor 

Five nights solo at one of the most peaceful harbors in Southern California. Para...para...paradise!

Had my first dolphin race on the way home on 4/5.

First Cruise to Catalina 

Solo sail to the Latitudes & Attitudes Cruisers' Weekend at Two Harbors.

It was a very bumpy night!

The Coconut Moves North 

To Channel Islands Harbor (Anacapa Isle Marina then Peninsula Yacht Anchorage).